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, they are very very lucky tonight. anita? >>> meanwhile in ocean city, maryland it took until 2:30 this afternoon to get things the cleaned up enough to allow evacuees back into the downtown area. sandy provided a lot of drama and let the significant -- left a significant amount of damage. our scott broom is live from his mobile newsroom at the inlet with more on ocean city's recovery. scott? >> reporter: on the dashboard camera in the inlet still covered with sand, you know, ocean city from 17th street south including here at the inlet was evacuated as sandy pressed close and as i got out and about today with this mobile newsroom, you could see why that evacuation was mandatory. >> oh, it was just here on sunday. we were out here on sunday taking pictures. >> reporter: everyone here wants a picture of this. >> you know, it's been there ever since i was a kid. >> reporter: the 100 feet of empty space where ocean city's fishing pier once stood. >> it's kind of devastating. >> reporter: but it's ocean city's back streets, those on the bayside of this barrier island that suffered the most from an ei
miles an hour in ocean city down from the peak gust i saw of 56. you can see up toward philly, new york, boston, tropical storm form wind gusts extending hundreds of miles with this storm. a closer look shows you wind gusts that we have throughout the d.c. metro continuing to show tropical storm force. at leesburg where it's 40 miles an hour now, 41 in manassas, 52 at dca, the big number on the map 44 in baltimore, 40 in annapolis. look at these wind gusts as we head across the bay, 48 miles per hour in easton now. i did see a peak wind gust earlier at virginia beach around 60 miles per hour. as the storm continues to move its track is expected to take it close to elgin, maryland and up toward lancaster, pennsylvania. it looks like the winds will continue to increase through the overnight hours. topper will talk more about that wind field. >> i wish we had better news, but we don't. it looks like it is going to strengthen and give us more damaging winds tonight through tomorrow morning. this is the hurricane force wind 7:00, a couple hours from now it. looks like pretty much the entire
$16 million this year alone for the city's coffers. >> the city has collected 84 plus million dollars this year alone with these cameras. >> technically i just think it's a tax. >> reporter: maryland drivers are getting hit with most of the tickets. some are calling it a commuter tax. >> i can understand that we have to be responsible drivers. that's very legitimate, but $150 is just a lot. >> reporter: again the mayor and police chief say it's about safety first. they admit getting a lot of money from this, though. some of the council members say they also believe it's about safety, but they also believe those fines are entirely too high, far higher than any of the jurisdictions in maryland and virginia. legislation was introduced last week to reduce the maximum fines to $50. we'll see where that goes. back to you guys. >> they say it's safety, but i bet a lot of people would say they're doing it because of the money. >>> signs that the political climate's on fire, one leesburg couple found their actual romney sign burning in their front yard. surae chinn talked with the stevens fa
to postpone halloween. alison harmelin is in atlantic city. >> reporter: anita, a clear sunny day here at the jersey shore only made it so much more evident that the destruction is everywhere. president obama arrived in new jersey for a closeup look at the damage. the president took a chopper tour with governor christie over devastated areas of the state where superstorm sandy hit with full force. record storm surge took out atlantic city's boardwalk. in the tiny beach community of long port, new jersey, the storm surge brought the beach literally right onto the main street. there are feet and feet of sand piled up as if it were a snowstorm. they came out bikes to see the devastation. >> never saw sand like that. that's due to the storm surge i think. >> reporter: further up the jersey shore this is what's left of the famous boardwalk in seaside heights. the storm lifted homes off their foundations and crumpled up boats. in the town here, fires continued to burn, on a stream of natural gas leaks. in hoboken, residents are trapped in their homes and waiting for rescue. the water has no
and this is the turn that we are concerned about, right across essentially ocean city, rehoboth, very close to our shores there and then it goes back and drifts and sits in north central p.a. is this the worse scenario? no. is it a bad scenario? yes. we're talking about winds even 65 miles per hour as it moves inland across the northern bay. so this is going to be a major storm. it's going to affect a tremendously densely populated area from d.c. up to new york and possibly all the way up into boston and again the time frame for us is monday night and tuesday. that's when the highest winds will occur. we'll have winds before then, but monday night and tuesday is the highest point of winds and the heaviest rain. we will come talk about things you can do the next couple days to prepare. >>> as hurricane sandy continues to churn out there on the atlantic coast, pepco is gearing up for what could be a disasterous weather smackdown through our region, once again, many thousands of us are likely to be in the dark, perhaps for days, but this is also an opportunity, a chance for pepco to demonstrate that
of scientists of manslaughter for failing to warn residents about the 2009 earthquake in the historic city. the powerful quake tilled 309 people, injured more than 1500, and left 65,000 people homeless. the seven scientists who worked on the nation's great risks commission were sentenced to six years behind bars after the court found them guilty of downplaying the risks of a major quake and not warning residents to evacuate. the city lives on a major fault line that has frequent tremors. seismologists around the world are alarmed at the charges and argue it is impossible to predict when an earthquake will strike. >> here you have a number of scientists who are simply doing their job, being prosecuted for criminal manslaughter. i think that scares all of us who are involved in risk communication. >> reporter: the city is now mostly abandoned and many buildings will have to be demolished. residents who sued the scientists say their ultimate goal was to get better information about future earthquakes. the convicted scientists do not have to go to jail immediately. they have time to appeal. cb
'm not half way through my term. let's continue what we are doing and run the city. thank you all. >> bruce johnson is on the phone with us. you heard the mayor's reaction. do you stand by what you said? >> you know, this is going to strange to you, but i tend to agree with the mayor. i don't know how much of a story was there. i never called it a story. if i thought it was a big deal, breaking news as it was treated, i would have been sitting alongside you talking about this story into the camera. i never reported the mayor wouldn't seek a second term. what i did tweet on my personal account this morning, it came from a recent conversation that i had with a source. somebody who has been around town, been around d.c. politics for a long time. somebody close to the mayor. somebody who raised money for the mayor. and in that conversation, and we covered a number of topics. this person says to me, the mayor won't run again regardless of where the federal probe goes. she, meaning that person, is now looking for another candidate. now because of limitations, i could have said a lot more. after
playing in the city seven years ago. you'll want to see that. too many americans are struggling to find work in today's economy. too many of those who are working are living paycheck to paycheck trying to make falling incomes meet rising prices for food and gas. more americans are living in poverty than when president obama took office and fifteen million more are on food stamps. president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. the difference is my policies will make things better for them. we shouldn't measure compassion by how many people are on welfare. we should measure compassion by how many people are able to get off welfare and get a good paying job. my plan will create twelve million new jobs over the next four years helping lift families out of poverty and strengthening the middle-class. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message because we can't afford another four years like the last four years. ♪ >>> d.c. baseball history could be made tonight if the washington nationals can beat the philadelphia phillies. >> that's right. our colleague derek mcginty i
. if it goes further south, we're in big trouble. if it goes up towards new york city, we are in much better shape. new england is in bad shape no matter what. here's our spaghetti plot, again each line representing a model of where they believe it's going to go, pretty much a confluence, parallels the southeast coast to the weekend. after that it turns to the north and west. a couple models take it out. i think we'll throw those out. i think it will turn back northwest, goes into nantucket, good news for us, bad news for new england. if it takes this turn, we are in a world of hurt. if it takes this turn into southeast p.a., we'll have a much larger impact of the storm. again this is a tuesday event. it will start to affect us monday night and could continue to affect us through the early part of halloween. live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, this is nice, all the color now, 70, skies actually pretty much clear for the time being, winds easterly at 7. dew point is high. that tells you it's staying warm tonight. 66 in laytonville, 71 in rockville, 68 great falls, 70 in burke
a depth look at how this one run is captivating a team and its city. >> i thought it might be captivating mike shanahan enough to get him to smile or something, but apparently not in the cards this time. that is okay. thank you. when rg3 broke loose and ran for that touchdown and then leaped into the stands yesterday at fedex, he leapt into the arms of the jones family of owings mills. that whole thing was captured on national television and our own bruce johnson tracked them down today to find out how their lives were affected by becoming the center of so much attention. >> like a lot of people, you see this shot and you say i wonder if near all related. they are. -- they're all related. they are. like a lot of us, they were waiting for something to cheer about at these home games. >> rg3 is going to outrace everybody! >> when rg3 took off toward the end zone sunday to seal the team's first home victory in a year, the jones family was waiting with their arms stretched out to meet him. >> all i could think of was he's coming right at us. we're going to get him. >> what else could rg3 do f
. >> and the councilman said that the city will easily collect more money than what they spend on the extra cops and the playoffs. the first game in that park is on october 10. i don't know if they sold out or not. it looks like they will have a standing this. >> yeah, that is worth it. >> i hope that the weather will cooperate then. >> yes, there you go. but that will be the day. >> one of those days. yes, just fantastic. >> a little peckish right now. you cannot oversell that tomorrow in the weekend we'll start out 50. take a look outside. our michael and son weather cam. it is gorgeous. finally some drier air has moved in. we're really going to feel it tonight. temperatures the p -- temperatures want. eventually in the 50s. the winds finally shifted north to northwest at 12. that will also bring in the much more comfortable air as we go through the nighttime hours. even though technically a cold front has gone on through. remember that it is just a wind shift and we have the wind shift, but it will not bed colder tomorrow, still spectacular. speaking of cold though. we're going to go ahead an
no matter what happens they have done the city proud, i'm with her. let's get to all those fans who are leaving that park right now because it is the start rush hour. surae chinn is at the navy yard metro with a look at just how bad the ride home could get. >> reporter: well, bad news for fans, perhaps better news for traffic, especially when you're trailing 8-0 in the bottom of the 8th. yes, fans start to leave early. that's what we have this afternoon, but still we're not in the clear. thousands more as you can see in the packed crowd of 45,000 of this game starting to leave the ballpark and yeah, it is crowded. we are outside of the navy yard metro station just a block way from the ballpark. when it's assevered on -- a sea of red on that platform, this is what we shot a few minutes ago. metro said they did put in extra eight-car trains in circulation between anacostia and mount vernon on the green line, but folks are packed in like sardines. we did find one worker, though, who left early. here's what he had to say. >> no. i should have waited till 6:00. i think it's still going
up there. all right, elton john hosting a star studded benefit in new york city. >> and brad pitt becomes a perfume pitchman. edward lawrence has those stories and more in today's entertainment news. >> elton john hosted his age foundation's 11th annual benefit in new york. >> it's been 30 years since the start of this disease and we need people to come out. i am doing great. as a role model for the people. >> anderson coop can see the event and see stevey knicks perform. the rolling stones announced they are playing four concerts to celebrate their 50th anniversary. they are doing two shows in london next month and two more in new jersey in december. mcjager says this could be the start of a longer tour, the stones first in more than five years. tina fey and amy will host the golden globe awards on january 13. the saturday night live alumnis costarred in mean girls and the 2008 comedy, baby mama. they will be replacing rickie jervase. >> the hollywood film awards will be held here on october 2 and dustin hoffman is getting a special honor. >> according to the hollywood repo
. they violated employee conduct standards by dancing under water and on diving boards, but now the city council has voted to give them their jobs back. that is pending a review of the center's management. >> it was really a funny video. okay, have you ever had this dilema? it's engagement season and hunting season. you can't decide whether to buy that ring or that gun. well, worry no more. there's a jeweler in iowa who is offering a free rifle for guys who spend $1,199 on an engagement ring. interesting duo there. jewelry by harold is running the deal through october. >>> coming up, mitt romney is not the first person to have binders full of women. >> they brought us binders full of women. >> he may be the first one to admit it. i'm just saying. >>> we are saying what you have been saying. we are back with anita, lesli, and j. c. hayward. here is governor mitt romney. >> we took a concerted effort to find women who had backgrounds that could be qualified to become members of our cabinet. i went to a number of women's groups and said, could you help us find folks and they brought us binders
after a game are gallery place, vienna, pentagon city, shady grove, springfield, u street, dupont circle, columbia heights, and crystal city. >>> the consolation prize one airline is offering if the presidential election doesn't quite go your way. >>> i'm armando trull in rockville where a new technology has been deployed to help victims of domestic violence. that story is coming up. >>> but first, mothers milk can be a staple of life right after a baby is born. should milk be a permanent part of kid's diets? one argument as to why not? it's controversial and it's next. weeks of this campaign... and more ads. you, in your living room or... what i'd say. losing nearly eight hundred... mired in iraq. nation we are... moving forward again. get folks back to work and... again. that with even bigger... fewer regulations... prosper. on the same trickle-down... in the first place. so what's my plan? manufacturing jobs... exports... that... ship jobs overseas. in half and produce more... clean coal, natural gas... solar, and biofuels. efficiency of cars and trucks. maintain the best workforce...
sandusky's refusal to admit guilt, we have seen this before and in fact, in our area. the city of falls church was rocked by the child molestation case of michael gardner. peggy fox, you covered this trial start to finish and you have an exclusive interview today. >> i sat down with the parents of one of his victims. their daughter was only 10 years old when michael gardner molested her and another girl at her daughter's slumber party. when mr. rice heard what mr. sandusky said, it was like deja vu. despite the fact michael gardner was convicted of sexually abusing two young girls, close friends and family members, including his wife, former falls church mayor, robyn gardner, refused to believe he did it. on his sentencing day last month, gardner offered no apology. instead, he insisted he had been wrongly convicted. dan and christina rice, whose daughter was molested by gardner were not surprised. >> gardner and sandusky continue to say that they are innocent, why do you think? >> because they are still fighting it. also, they have wives that love them and families that support them
of the city. one of them is also hospitalized tonight. in that case no one was inside the house to rescue. reporting live in north east baltimore, scott broom, 9 news now. >> there are no words, scott. thanks. >>> the worst fears of the parents of a missing 10-year- old colorado girl may have indeed been realized. police are trying to confirm whether a body found near an abandoned mine shack close to where jessica ridgeway went missing is indeed of that the missing girl. the 5th grader was kidnapped on her way to school last friday morning. up till now police said the only real clues they have are the discovery of her backpack and a water bottle. >>> there is more sad news from the scene of a deadly parking garage collapse in miami. a worker rescued after being stuck 13 hours in the concrete rubble at miami-dade community college has died. now that takes the toll to three. another worker is still missing, but investigators do not expect to find him alive. >>> and the work continues to find the cause of the fire at an ohio industrial plant that sent thick black smoke and flames shooting in
that the county and city made over the last few years. >> the project is a partnership between the county and the city of rockville aimed at spurring economic growth. the development will generate more than $10 million for montgomery county. >>> we do have some good news to report for all our viewers. gwinnett and the dish network reached an agreement regarding this network's countedded retransmission of gwinnett stations and that includes wusa9. gwinnett and dish have been in talks to keep all the company stations on dish and the agreement means dish users will not miss any newscasts, hit cbs shows, or the nfl or sec football. >>> coming up, he's behind bars, but the primary suspect in the disappearance of natalie holloway says he's going to be a dad. >>> the next time you hear somebody say -- tell them about this story you're going to see after the break. it's a story on the human cost of drugs and you won't soon forget it. coming up next. >>> the next time you hear someone say, it's just marijuana, 9 wants you to know about one local mother's story. maria lost her only son in a high pr
to fans from either one of these cities and it's like the other guys are from some kind of foreign country. >> i don't think about the nationals. orioles fans during a recent home stand -- >> have you been to a nationals game? >> i have not. >> go nats. >> now talk to nationals fans about the orioles. >> i'm excited that these season tickets from '08 are paying off. go nats. >> and many fans oblivious to each other until now. >> we'll see the nats in the world series. go orioles. >> we clearly have the better team, the better stadium, and the better city. >> can you imagine the world series? >> i would love it. that would mean i could go to all seven games. >> some families are torn. >> i have been waiting a long time for this. >> george is old enough to remember the senators. >> it would be wonderful to see these teams doing what they are doing. >> but josh growing up with no hometown gravitated to the o's. >> he's going to have to learn to accept it when nationals beat the orioles in the world series. >> we'll see about that. it will be fun. good series. >> all right.
on a special carrier from l.a.x. to the city streets. the 167,000-pound spaceship is heading to its last stop, the california science center. moving at 2 miles per hour endeavour should finish the trip late saturday night. the flatbed is not controlled with a steering wheel. it's operated with joysticks. the transporter's wheels can move in any direction. >> it's an engineering marvel. >> reporter: endeavour flew 25 missions, more than 123 million- miles in space before it was retired with the rest of the shuttle program last year and the final 12-mile trip through the city is no easy mission. more than a dozen agencies are involved from police to power companies. crews took down trees and traffic signals and utility lines, so the shuttle's five- story tail could move through. the streets are reinforced with steel plates so the shuttle and its heavy carrier don't crack underground pipes. residents will have to put up with traffic jams and temporary power outages before endeavour reaches its final destination. bigad shaban, cbs news, los angeles. >> the estimated cost of moving the shuttle ac
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